Custom totem pole hand carved style make great gifts as rustic indoor/outdoor decor, anniversaries, yard art, birthdays


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Traditionally, totem poles serve as important illustrations of family lineage and the cultural heritage native peoples who live in the islands and coastal areas of North America's Pacific Northwest, especially British Columbia, Canada, and coastal areas of Washington and southeastern Alaska in the United States. -Wiki
My vintage style hand carved totem poles make great gifts as rustic indoor/outdoor decor, anniversaries, yard art, birthdays, and great conversation piece.

I hand carve custom totem poles to almost any length. I carve using various vintage cultural styles from North and South America, Central America, Africa, and Polynesian. Custom totem poles carved longer than 5 feet will be made in at least two sections if being shipped.

This Totem Pole is hand carved white cedar 3 1/2 feet tall great conversation piece.Each totem pole is unique and slightly different because each is an original piece of art.

Contact me for other totem poles and I also make custom carved totem poles. Custom totem poles cost starting at $500 per foot.

To learn about more of my wood carvings contact me anytime.

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